our philosophy

We take software development personally. Our work is our passion therefore we do not deliver half-baked solutions. We are constantly learning, following new trends and practices in software development, but when choosing technologies, we stay pragmatic and not subject to hype. We know that our software controls your processes and business and it is our priority to deliver maintainable and flexible solutions.

how we work

We will hear you out

and propose a tailor-made solution. We know that mutual understanding is the key, so we sketch a possible solution together.

We will develop

the software according to your requirements using appropriate technologies. We are open source advocates, so our solutions are not subject to license fees.

We will test

the delivered solution. Unit tests are a matter of course. We will show you that our solution is able to cope with a large number of users by doing load testing.

We will host

the delivered solution on either your infrastructure or our own, whether physical, virtual or containerized, and oversee trouble-free operation.